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Six Benefits of Stretching for Seniors


Six Benefits of Stretching for Seniors

Did you know that stretching can help relieve stress, chronic pain, and reduce risk of injury? When you become a resident at Garden Plaza of Valley View , you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a regularly scheduled stretch class. Regular stretching is a great way to elevate your quality of life. Here are six ways that stretching can help you reach an ideal state of health.


  1. Stress and Anxiety Relief

Nearly half of older adults suffer from stress and anxiety. Poor mental health can lead to tension in the body, resulting in knots and muscle stiffness. Regular stretching and deep breathing relieve tension in the muscles and can ease your mind into a more relaxed state. Regular stretching also improves circulation and the release of feel-good chemicals to your brain to naturally elevate your mood.


  1. Improved Posture

It’s not uncommon for older adults to spend more time sitting once they’re retired. While this may feel relaxing in the moment; excess recliner time can lead to hunched shoulders and tight muscles. Regular stretching helps your body remember how to use its muscles correctly and aligns your spine. The more you stretch the better your posture becomes.


  1. Improved Flexibility

Stretching leads to improved flexibility resulting in an expanded range of motion. The wider your range of motion the more benefits you get from your workouts. Having less stiffness makes everyday tasks easier and boosts endurance levels.


  1. Back Pain Relief

Did you know that tight hamstrings are responsible for most back pain? Keeping your hamstrings limber reduces tightness and stress in the back and increases your range of motion. Regular stretching lengthens your back muscles decreasing vulnerability to stiffness, pain, and injury.


  1. Eliminates Toxins

Stretching stimulates blood circulation which increase the flow of oxygen through your body. Easy flow of oxygen helps to eliminate toxins which leads to glowing skin and radiant energy. This means you’ll look as great as you feel once you start stretching.


  1. Lowered Injury Risk

Adequate stretching helps prevent exercise related injuries by warming up the muscles and reducing stiffness. By stretching you are not just warming up your muscles, but also your brain. A regular stretching routine strengthens focus, in turn making falls less likely.


Stretching has so many benefits and is a convenient way to stay fit. By incorporating a regular stretching practice into your routine, you may benefit from stress relief, increased flexibility, and an overall sense of well-being.