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Community Gallery

Community Gallery at Garden Plaza of Valley View in Boise, Idaho

Dive into the vibrant life at Garden Plaza of Valley View through our Community Gallery, where every photo is a testament to the joy, beauty, and active lifestyle our residents cherish in Boise, Idaho. This little collection offers an sneak peek into the daily life at one of Boise’s premier senior living communities, from the serene beauty of our Idaho Lodge-inspired architecture to the dynamic spirit of our residents.

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Boise retirement recreation
Boise Retirement
common area
common lounge
community BBQ
community covered entrance
community dining table
community gazebo
community library
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exercise equipment
fireplace lounge
Garden Plaza Activity area
garden plaza Boise water feature
garden plaza of valley view
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independent living Boise
Assisted Living Outer Permiter
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physical activity space
physical care center
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property trees
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