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Skilled Nursing with Valley View Nursing & Rehab

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For more information about our accessible skilled nursing options please visit Valley View Nursing & Rehabilitation below.

Valley View Nursing and Rehabilitation provides skilled nursing and outpatient therapy services. We are proud to be a vital tool in ensuring the health and well-being of you or your loved one. Our nursing staff and rehabilitation department endeavor to take a holistic approach to each resident’s wellness –catering to personal, social, and emotional needs along with their physical impairments.

Our facility features highly skilled and licensed therapists who work together to offer intensive stroke, cardiac, and orthopedic rehabilitation. The rehabilitation department offers outpatient services in addition to our inpatient programs. Our state-of-the art programs and the best equipped rehabilitation gym in Boise mean we offer the opportunity to achieve the best possible outcomes as a result of our treatment programs.

We know you need care and support around the clock, so Valley View Nursing and Rehabilitation features 24 hour nursing care and nursing supervisors on every shift. Our Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants coordinate your medication, labs, and follow-up with you physician’s orders. Check out our comprehensive lists of Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation services.

Valley View Nursing and Rehabilitation is part of a continuum of care campus, working cooperatively with Garden Plaza of Valley View’s Independent Living Services and The Bridge at Valley View’s Assisted Living services. These partnerships mean we offer every level of support and care in order for our residents to lead the most independent lives possible.