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Garden Plaza of Valley View is affiliated with the BrightSpace family of senior living communities. BrightSpace is a family-owned senior living management company based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. BrightSpace operates in 4 states and is managed locally. It’s our philosophy that each community maintains its own unique regional character. Every one of them is distinct, with its own culture, history, personality and individualized care and service options.

The founder of BrightSpace is Bryan Preston. He is the 2nd generation of the Preston family’s commitment to senior living. He started his career as the General Manager. He quickly expanded his ventures, moving on to multi-site property management and specializing in distressed property turnarounds. Driven by his desire to serve seniors, Bryan co-founded Century Park Associates as a vehicle to achieve his goal of providing professional operations support. His leadership led Century Park to expand to 48 communities in 21 states, culminating in seven years of progressive success. BrightSpace was founded in 2014. Bryan’s son, Ryan Preston, is now part of BrightSpace’s leadership team and serving as General Manager of Garden Plaza of Valley View.  We’re proud the legacy continues serving seniors with a third generation of leadership, A Tradition of Excellence serving the Treasure Valley.