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Meditation for Seniors


Meditation for Seniors

Incorporating a regular meditation practice into your life can be extremely beneficial for your mind, body, and soul. Meditation is also a wonderful way to cope with issues that naturally arise as we age. Ongoing changes in our physicality and environment can cause anxiety, stress, and depression. Practicing meditation helps us to accept change with more ease and lightness. At Garden Plaza of Valley View we offer meditation classes so our residents can have the opportunity to live life to its fullest.

It is probably more common than you think for seniors to experience anxiety. Although retirement is a time to relax; it is also full of changes. Unpredictability is a key contributor to feeling anxiety. These feelings can make it hard to think clearly as they tighten the pathways that send information to the brain. Meditation allows you to relax and take a step back from your thoughts and think more logically. Focusing on your breathing helps to ease tension and melt away unnecessary worries.

Practicing mindfulness meditation helps us to deal with stressful situations in a more effective way. Meditation makes us less reactionary by reducing the size of the brain cells that cause a fear response in the body. When you practice meditation, you can see more clearly by alleviating the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Factors like limited mobility, illness, personal loss, and financial changes can lead to feelings of depression for seniors. Overthinking the past or the future can cause unnecessary depression and sadness. Incorporating meditation into your life helps you to live in the present by easing worrisome thoughts and feelings. Meditation encourages you to be more compassionate to yourself and others which makes daily life lighter and more positive.

As you can see meditation is a powerful tool for seniors. Come join us for a group meditation practice on Tuesday’s and Friday’s and find out what meditation can do for you!