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Your Guide to Winter Wellness


Your Guide to Winter Wellness

Welcome to Garden Plaza of Valley View, where the comfort and safety of our community members is our top priority. In this short guide, we’ll explore some easy yet effective ways for our beloved community members to enjoy a cozy and safe winter season.

Layering for Warmth:
Dress in layers to trap body heat. Thermal undergarments, cozy sweaters, and insulated outerwear are excellent choices. Don’t forget to include warm socks and gloves for added protection against the cold.

Home Heating Tips:
Please make sure that living spaces are adequately heated. Our community at Garden Plaza of Valley View takes pride in maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors. Regularly check heating systems, seal any drafts.

Hydration is Key:
Staying hydrated is crucial in winter. While it’s tempting to indulge in hot cocoa and tea, remember to continue drinking water regularly. Hydration helps regulate body temperature and prevents dry skin.

Stay Active Indoors:
Engage light indoor exercises to keep the blood flowing. Activities like seated exercises, yoga, or even a stroll through our community’s indoor spaces can help maintain flexibility and warmth.

Nutrient-Rich Diet:
Promote a well-balanced diet rich in nutrients. Foods like soups, stews, and hot beverages provide warmth and nourish the body.

Safety First:
Safety is extra important during the winter. Remember to use handrails when navigating outdoor pathways and to be cautious of slippery surfaces.

At Garden Plaza of Valley View, we’re dedicated to creating a warm and secure environment for our seniors. By following these simple tips, our residents can enjoy a cozy and safe winter season. For more information on winter wellness or to explore the vibrant community activities we offer, feel free to reach out to