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Tech Must Haves for Seniors


Tech Must Haves for Seniors

Technology is developing at a more rapid pace than ever! There are several tech must haves for seniors today that can greatly improve their way of life and keep them connected and in the know.

  1. Voice Activated Assistants: Devices such as Alexa and Google Assist are a great way to help seniors control their smart devices, stay organized, set reminders and make hands free phone calls.
  2. Smartphone:  Smartphones have become an essential part of everyday life and are an amazing way for seniors to stay connected with family and friends. For those who are a little less tech savvy there are even smartphones designed specifically with seniors in mind. Most smartphones have tools that make them easier to use; such as text enlargement and hands free features.
  3. Fitness Tracker: Fitness tracking devices such as Fitbit, and smartwatches make it easy for seniors to monitor their fitness goals and stay in shape. They also monitor sleep patterns, heart rate, and steps taken throughout the day.
  4. Medication Reminder Apps: Medisafe, and MyMedSchedule are downloadable apps that can help seniors to take their medication on time.
  5. Safety Monitors: Fall detectors, security monitors and home cameras help provide seniors with a sense of security; especially when living alone. 
  6. Tablet: A tablet is very useful and a great way to stay entertained. It can be used for browsing, uploading apps, and reading books.

These tech must haves help seniors stay connected, independent, and boost their overall quality of life.