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Staying Connected During the Holidays

Staying Connected During the Holidays

For many of us holiday traditions are an essential part of the winter season. These traditions bring up feelings of joy and create a sense of family. This time of year can be a lonely time for a lot of people. The opportunity to share a meal, attend a special event, or partake in holiday festivities, in general, helps foster togetherness and a feeling of belonging. 

At Garden Plaza of Valley View we understand the importance of supporting our community members during these sentimental times. We offer a multitude of opportunities for our residents to engage in holiday festivity. When you have a community of friends at your disposal you have the unique opportunity to share your traditions with your peers, and maybe adopt a new one that you love! Garden Plaza of Valley View celebrates togetherness by offering our residents a calendar full of exciting holiday engagements. Our staff keeps everyone in the loop and makes sure that all of our residents feel included. 

We offer chef prepared meals to please your palette throughout the holiday season. Better yet, you can enjoy your meal without having to do the dishes. You can even invite a guest and introduce them to your friends. Plus the ability to have a guest in the comfort of your own home makes it a lot easier to enjoy the holidays while taking advantage of all the amenities we have to offer. 

At Garden Plaza of Valley View you can immerse yourself in the joy of the holidays through inspired group activities like arts and crafts, baking classes, community celebrations and more. We can’t wait to celebrate the holidays with you!