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Stay Cool This Summer at Garden Plaza of Valley View


Stay Cool This Summer at Garden Plaza of Valley View

As temperatures rise, staying comfortable and cool is a priority, especially for seniors. At Garden Plaza of Valley View in Boise, Idaho, we understand the importance of beating the heat while enjoying the summer months. Here are some effective ways residents can stay cool and refreshed as we head into the warmer season.

Cool and Comfortable Living Spaces
At Garden Plaza of Valley View, our apartments are designed to keep the heat at bay. Each living space is equipped with climate control to ensure a comfortable environment, no matter how high the temperature rises outside. The community’s common areas are also air-conditioned, providing cool retreats for socializing and relaxation.

Refreshing Activities and Amenities
Indoor Pool: Dive into our indoor pool, a perfect spot for low-impact exercise or a leisurely swim, keeping you cool and active.

Fitness Classes: Join in on indoor fitness classes designed to keep you fit without stepping out into the summer heat.

On-Site Dining:

Enjoy light, nutritious meals prepared daily that are perfect for summer dining, without the need to heat up your kitchen.

Stay Hydrated and Protected

Hydration is key during Summer.

We ensure that water stations are available throughout the facility, encouraging residents to stay hydrated. Additionally, when participating in outdoor activities, we provide sun hats and sunscreen to protect our residents from harmful UV rays.

Socialize in Comfort
Our beautifully appointed lounges and activity rooms are ideal for enjoying indoor activities. From book clubs to craft sessions, you can enjoy a vibrant social life without the need to brave the summer heat.

Explore Boise Comfortably
For those who wish to venture out, Garden Plaza of Valley View organizes trips to local attractions during cooler parts of the day. Enjoy everything Boise has to offer, from museums to shopping centers, all while staying comfortable and cool.

Garden Plaza of Valley View in Boise, Idaho, offers a comfortable, cool environment where seniors can enjoy summer safely and in style. Visit us to see how we’re geared up for the summer season and discover why our residents love calling this community home. Stay cool and enjoy the best of senior living with us this summer!