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Self-Esteem Tips for Seniors


Self-Esteem Tips for Seniors

Self-esteem is important for people of all ages and is something we can struggle with at any point in our lives; even as wise seniors. Here are some ways to raise self-esteem that are specifically helpful for seniors.

  1. Stay Active: Participating in physical activity is a great way to boost self-esteem. As we age it is important to incorporate some sort of exercise into your daily routine such as gentle stretching or a nice walk. Make sure it is something you enjoy and to listen to your body. 
  2. Stay Connected: Maintaining connections with friends and family is very important for seniors, and can help to avoid feelings of isolation. Joining a club or volunteering is a great way to stay social, as well. 
  3. Practice Positive Self Talk: Remember to be kind to yourself and focus on strengths, rather than weaknesses. Saying affirmation (or writing them), reflecting on past achievements, and speaking to yourself positively are some great ways to stay on the sunny side of life.
  4. Set Small Goals: Setting goals helps to give us a sense of achievement which is an immediate self-esteem booster. Whether it’s to learn something new this year, finish a giant puzzle, or simply to commit to daily movement; making goals helps to keep us looking forward. 

Building self-esteem can take a little time and effort, but it is well worth it! Remember to be patient with yourself and keep looking forward.