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Origin of April Fools’ Day

Origin of April Fools’ Day

Did you know that April Fools’ Day is celebrated all over the world? April Fools Day is a fun day full of practical jokes, laughter, and the element of surprise. But  how did it all start? 

It is thought that April Fools’ Day started in France in 1564 when the calendar system changed from Julian to Gregorian. Prior to 1564 New Year’s Day was celebrated on April 1st. Some people still insisted on celebrating the new year on April 1st, which is said to be why it is called April Fools Day. 

It is also thought that it has to do with the turning of the seasons, and how early April can sometimes have snow, even though the calendar says it’s Spring, in turn, fooling us. 

April Fools’ is celebrated differently throughout the world. In France they celebrate by putting a paper fish onto the backs of as many people as possible and yelling “Poisson D’Avril!”, which means “April fish”. In Greece it is thought to bring good luck if you successfully pull off an April Fools’ Day prank. Also, Polish people take April Fools very seriously and stage elaborate hoaxes involving the media, and other large groups of people.

Although the origins of April Fools’ remain mysterious, it is an exciting day filled with hilarious traditions and mischief making that make us take ourselves a little less seriously and have some carefree fun.