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Keeping Active

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Keeping Active

As we age it’s important to stay active and finding ways to keep active helps. Humans have a lot of moving parts, it’s great to try and include various areas of your body and strive for a diverse range of motion. At any age these things are important, but more so as we continue to age.

Interestingly, physical activity can also help with decreased pain in your body and help improve your mood and relieving symptoms of anxiety or depression. Naturally, consistent exercise can help reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, and even type 2 diabetes.

When you plan to venture out there and begin, be sure to talk with a doctor to ensure your actively plan is right for you. Some types of activity may impact an already occurring health problem. When beginning, start up slow and take your time and try to choose activities that help elevate your heart rate and extend movement.

Below is a link that can help you take action to get your body moving today.