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Eight Benefits of Walking for Seniors


Eight Benefits of Walking for Seniors

Walking is a tried-and-true way to stay fit. You can do it pretty much anywhere, and best of all its free! As we age it is very important to keep your body moving. Walking is a great way for seniors to stay active year round, indoors or out. Here is a list of eight benefits of walking, along with some things to remember before you start your walking routine.

1.        Helps maintain a healthy body weight.

2.        A great opportunity to socialize.

3.        You’ll sleep more soundly.

4.        Walking boosts circulation and can protect against cardiovascular issues.

5.        Boosts your mood and elevates overall happiness.

6.        Maintains healthy muscle tone.

7.        Helps avoid balance issues and increases mobility.

8.        Helps reduce risk for diseases like cancer and diabetes.

As you can see there are many amazing benefits to be gleaned from walking. Here are a few things to keep in mind before embarking on your walking routine.

1.        Always consult a physician before starting an exercise routine.

2.        Always stretch before and after walking.

3.        Walk indoors if its cold or rainy outside.

4.        Keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water.

5.        Wear comfortable clothes that breathe.

6.        If you need a little support a walker, cane, or ski poles are great!

Now that you know the benefits of walking and have some pointers under your belt; it’s time to get started. Don’t forget to have fun while you’re doing it whether that means walking with friends or listening to music. Find a way that works best for you and make walking a part of your daily routine.